How do I register?

Just click the “REGISTER” button and fill in your details. Kindly read our "Terms and Conditions" carefully before finishing your registration and please keep your login details safe.

Payment options

TOM’s Casino offers many secure and fast payment options for its community of players - from eWallets to credit cards.

Security check procedure (also known as the “Know Your Customer” or “KYC” procedure)

As an online casino, as much as we would like to see you face-to-face, it’s impossible to meet every player.

We are required to check that the details you have given us upon registering are valid. We do this by requesting certain documents from you:

  • Copy of official ID or Passport.
  • Copy of a document (e.g. utility bill), which shows your name, address and an issue date, and is dated withing the past three months.
  • In some cases, we also need you to send us a copy of your bank or e-Wallet statement and/or a photocopy of your credit card. This is usually related to a money transaction (deposit or withdrawal). We need to ensure that you are entitled to use this form of payment.

We request these documents by email. Most common (but not the only) situations for these verifications include:

  • When you make a withdrawal. Usually we do this with higher amounts, but might request the verification documents on any amount. We do this for your protection.
  • When your cumulative withdrawal amount exceeds €2,300.00. This is set by the Malta Gaming Authority and is part of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.
  • When you want to change your account details.
  • When we need to verify your age.

We’ve made it easy for you to send us documents. You can upload files by logging in to your account and going to the “Account” section. Select “Verify Your Account” and use the upload function. Please have the documents ready and stored on your computer or mobile device.


We at TOM´s Casino pride ourselves in offering the safest and most secure gaming experience. 

We do so by adhering to the latest security standards and regulations so that you as a player can feel totally safe while enjoying the online casino experience. 

Here are a few things we would like you to know about our security measurements:


We are using the latest industry-approved Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to ensure any information you send to TOM´s Casino is kept safe and secure. SSL encryption is used by a large number of banking corporations and we use this technology to protect your financial information.


TOM´s Casino is fully licensed in the EU by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), adheres to the rules and regulations of one of the most tightly controlled gaming regulatory jurisdictions in the world.

Password Policy

No one from TOM´s Casino will ever ask you for your password. Password recovery procedures are in place in the event of a forgotten password so that only you, the account holder, will receive this information. If you feel that your account has been compromised in any way then please contact our customer care team immediately.

Wagering Requirements

When you go and buy your daily cup of coffee from the coffee shop, you pay and get a coffee. Here in TOM’s Casino you pay to have a good time but also get the chance to win. The barista at your coffee shop might sometimes reward your regular visits by making you a larger cappuccino at no extra cost and even offering a complimentary croissant to go with your morning cup. You are an appreciated customer. 

We want to do exactly the same. Every now and then we want to give you, as a regular customer, something extra. In the online casino world, this usually means bonus money, with some terms and conditions attached - the most usual being the wagering requirements that oblige you to play with your free money before you can claim the winnings. In TOM’s Casino this amount is calculated with a simple formula: wagering requirement = 40 x bonus amount.

For example:

You receive €10.00 worth of bonus money. You start playing your favorite game with a €1.00 bet per spin. After the 5th spin you realize you just won €100.00! Now your balance is €105.00 and we know you’re eager to make a withdrawal. But since this winning spin was made with your complimentary bonus money, you have to play more before the withdrawal is possible. The initial wagering requirements for your bonus were 40 x €10.00, that is €400.00. Every bet you make, is counted towards the wagering requirement. So far, you have played five spins with €1.00 bet each, so you have wagered your bonus €5.00. So there is still €395.00 to go. If you continue to bet with €1.00 per spin, you would have to play 395 more spins to fully wager your bonus money. If you decide to lower your bet to e.g. €0.50 per spin, it would take 790 spins to complete the wagering requirements. On the other hand, if you want to increase your stakes, let’s say, to €5.00 per spins, it would take only 79 spins before you can withdraw your winnings as cash, and so on. At this point you decide if you want to bet big or bet small.

“But how in the world can I complete the remaining €395.00 of the wagering requirements, when I only have €105.00 on my account? Isn’t that impossible?” You might ask. But here’s the trick: you might end up winning while fulfilling the wagering requirement. Bear in mind that every bet counts, regardless if you win or lose with it. So give it a second thought. How likely it is not to win at all with 395 consecutive spins? Given the fact, that an average online slot has an RTP (Return to Player) of 95%, not winning is more impossible than not, right? So with this in mind, it’s not actually that hard to play through the wagering that the bonus requires.

And when you have finished the wagering requirements, your balance (whether it is €1.00 or €10,000,000.00 or anything in between) will be automatically turned into real winnings that you can withdraw. And that, our friend, is TOM’s Casino’s gift to you.

Our Customer Care

Here at TOM’s Casino we’ll make sure that everything is running smoothly and so you can just play and enjoy.

However, if any issues or questions arise, we're here for you.

You can contact us in various ways. There's a HELP icon in the bottom bar where you can start a live chat with us.

Our live chat is open:
Mon-Fri 10-23 (CET)
Sat-Sun 14-20 (CET)

If we're not here to chat, you will find a contact form by clicking "LIVE CHAT" button from the bottom bar, where you can type your message and we will reply by email. Or you can also send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our devoted Customer Care Agents will be in touch with you as soon as possible to answer you questions. Meanwhile we encourage you to read about Tom of Finland’s story for some background information about the man behind the art.